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jenny's lark

July 4 umbrella 2015

“Do you miss it, Mama? Do you miss when we were little and climbing all over you and Daddy and laughing like that?”

It is Thursday night, and we, just the two of us, are at the Patriotic Pops celebration, a warm-up concert for the holiday weekend. The night is unseasonably cool, hinting of a storm. We’re sprawled on chairs and picnic blankets across the grass bowl that surrounds an amphitheater, so many of us that there’s no telling, really, where one family ends and the next begins. Adjacent to our encampment are a young couple and their daughter, who is three or four, the age when parents’ shoulders and bellies and knees make the most marvelous jungle gym. She is spilling with laughter that bubbles over the top of her daddy’s head and into the breeze around us.

“I think that little girl’s daddy founded Goofball Island, too,” I…

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